Chath'rahq's Lair

6 to 10 players | Reviewed by Paul - Sunday 6th June 1999 @ 6:08pm

Now checking the file dates shows me that this is the newest of all the maps I've received from Gearbox and as you can easily see with each map there has been a gradual improvement. Here the architecture is more interesting and varied. The overall theme is medieval with some of ikbase textures thrown in for good measure.

This map has been designed to be used with a hook/runes patch. Now since I don't have access to that I will not be reviewing the map on that basis. Actually I hate stuff like that, the hook defeats half the effort an author puts into making a map. Anyway, there are some fairly interesting areas in the map. Such as a lift with the shape of the pentagram of protection in and the hut shown in the right hand screenshot. If you go inside the hut, you’ll find a huge lift shaft with a staircase circling around it. The lift is moved via a switch which is situated at the bottom of the shaft. On the lift is the quad damage and an environmental suit.

The scale of the map is such that once again you'll need a big amount of people in to get things going. Much fragging was done by the nailguns, which really isn't a satisfying way to gib someone. To me its not a very interesting map to play and after awhile I got sick of getting nailgun frags.

2.5 out of 5.0

Download 520Kb - 514 downloads | readme | J. Farmer a.k.a Gearbox | no author site

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