16 players | Reviewed by Paul - Sunday 6th June 1999 @ 6:00pm

ARGH!!! No, no, no. Anyone like to guess the r_speeds for the area shown in the first screenie? No, ok then, I'll just tell you. They're nearing the 1400 mark. The map consists of this big ass building (hence the genius map name) which has six floors inside. Access to this building is via two enterances, a light blue brick (!?) door and a ramp (see the first shot) which goes down into the lower floor of the building. Each floor is connected via two ramps and two elevators. The layout for each floor is different. For some bizarre reason the r_speeds throughout are fairly high.

I was given the rather cryptic number of 16 players for this map and so I decided to find out how it played. The answer : very slowly. Now I'm using a P3 450 with 128 and 12mb Voodoo2 and thats something I didn't expect, at all. I think you do actually need 16 people though to make it vaguely interesting, otherwises you just don't see anyone. Or maybe get drunk first, then play it because then you can imagine you’re having fun.

You may have trouble downloading this map since when I checked it was still in the incoming dir on

0.5 out of 5.0

Download 249Kb - 924 downloads | no readme | | no author site

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