Jrdm2 - Foot massage

1-on-1 players | Reviewed by Paul - Sunday 23rd May 1999 @ 1:33pm

This is Juniors second and allegedly final Quake map. Hope that isn't true =(. Anyway a change in style from his previous work, decked out in the Quake 2 prison theme. Its mostly grey brick with metal bars interlining the walls and roof. The layout consists of long rectangular room spilt up in 3 areas. Its a little more detailed than my basic description lets on. The middle section consist of three layers where as the end areas consist of just two but serve the purpose of interconnecting these different layers together via stairs.

Lighting is good and moody, with the nice touch of a broken light which emits a flashing style of light But doesn't everyone do that now?

Unlike jrdm1 - Ignorus Hyperborean, this is not a FFA map. Due to the fairly small size of map its 1-on-1 only here. You can try more but the map doesn't really lend itself to that. Its a fairly brutal map once you get going and its fairly easy to give your opponent a good beating. This can also be a disadvantage in that you can be on the end of this. That said with over abundance of items it means you can tool up again fairly easily and as long you can keep track of the other player, via the sounds of teleporters and lifts you can be back in game quickly.

All in all its a good map but it doesn't have that wow factor that jrdm1 did.

4.0 out of 5.0

Download 376Kb - 576 downloads | readme | Junior Jr | no author site

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