Three Towers

2 to 4 Players players | Reviewed by Pingu - Thursday 20th May 1999 @ 9:23pm

Despite being called 3 towers, I can only find 2 in this level (& yeah, I've wandered about with noclip on). However, the two towers we have are top notch. They're as circular as you'll ever see in a quake map, with very nicely done steps taking you up between the layers.

Even though Mo0g has only used a few textures, the map looks top too, with the lighting working perfectly with the curves. The structure of the towers is 3 tiered, with at least one way up or down from each. To get between the towers a teleporter is used. Play is quite good fun in duels, best with about 4 FFA, where it becomes a chase up and down the fantastic spiral staircases.

So definately quite a good map, unfortunately hindered by very high r_speeds, and the novelty wears off after a while too (which is a shame). If a staircase this good could be incorporated into a full blown 'standard' map it'd kick in a large way...

3.0 out of 5.0

Download 261Kb - 1332 downloads | readme | Paul 'MoOg' Samways | no author site

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