Frag Factory

4 to 16 Players players | Reviewed by Pingu - Thursday 20th May 1999 @ 9:18pm

Good god.. this is a very big level from the rocketman world. It's a combination of two texture sets, one industrial and the other DM6 blue stone. From the DM6y bit, there's a lava flow which is continued throughout the level, and from the industrial side, a flow of acid. Architecture is very bland, square rooms and platforms, merged with quite nice 'tools', such as the pot from which the lava flows.

However, most of the texturing is appaling, the lava / acid flows are just blocks slapped on top of the floor, so you're continually getting stuck on them and loosing health. There's 2 doors in the level (which are usually a bad idea in DM levels as they get in the way) which are so slow it's untrue - you can make a cup of coffee whilst you wait for the buggers to climb high enough for you to squeeze under. On top of all this, the lighting is as crap as you'll ever see in a level, overbright areas followed by pitch blackness....

Not a very good map I'm afraid...

1.0 out of 5.0

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