The Green Room

2 to 4 Players players | Reviewed by Pingu - Thursday 20th May 1999 @ 9:03pm

Another Rocketman map, another single room layout. This one has 3 tiers, with most weapons lining the narrow ledges. There's a slime roof (which you can RJ into and swim about in - for a price) which contains quad, and a handful of passages accessible from the bottom with armour in. These passages have teleports in which take you back up top.

Texturing is, surprisingly, nearly all green (hence the name I guess). Play is... well, see em & shoot em really. Instense I guess, but very boring after 5 minutes. Lighting is functional, but all in all it's another example that Rocketman has a long way to go....

1.5 out of 5.0

Download 68Kb - 696 downloads | readme | Rocketman | no author site

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