The Warehouse

2 to 8 Players players | Reviewed by Pingu - Monday 17th May 1999 @ 11:38pm

The 3rd ever rocketman map I've seen..... and they are getting slowly better. This one has a theme at last, something which was lacking from the others. The lighting is getting there, quite smooth in the main area.

As the name implies this is a warehouse, with crates stacked 128 units high, allowing for quite frantic play with a handful of people. Via steps at either side you can get on top of the crates, where the ring of shadows lurks (and also quad via a tunnel).

Nothing new or tactical in playing this map though, it's just run about like a headless chicken. Duel's become boring as you chase each other through the maze, 4 player FFA is better. You'll play this map for a bit here and there, as it does offer light relief from the amount of 'serious' maps. However, after half an hour or so I doubt you'll be coming back...

2.0 out of 5.0

Download 128Kb - 865 downloads | readme | Rocketman | no author site

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