The Dungeons

2 to 6 Players players | Reviewed by Pingu - Thursday 20th May 1999 @ 9:07pm

Quite a nice map layout wise, as the connectivity is very good, with the player easilly being able to get about. There's a nice wind tunnel up to quad, and it's a good size for 1v1 or small FFA's. Play flows ok, but getting the RL can be a real pain as in a rush it's in a damn sticky place (unless you drop down from quad onto it).

However, ruining this is 3 things. Firstly, the texturing is bland to say the least - I counted 4 different textures (not counting the water or sky). The lighting is nice in parts, but they're usually out of the way, leaving most walls just one solid color. Lastly, given that the map doesn't look that good, the r_speeds are unforgivable. It's a shame, because with this map rocketman is starting to show some promise.

2.5 out of 5.0

Download 170Kb - 571 downloads | no readme | Rocketman | no author site

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