Silence 2 Violence

2 to 4 players | Reviewed by Paul - Sunday 9th May 1999 @ 12:16pm

Inhabitants last map, Likwit Crew's Dribe, was reviewed by Pingu. In that review it said that that map had "Plain blue walls all over the damn place". No change in the consistence here. It looks like the author has picked one set style of textures (metal4_4 and mmetal1_2) and used it nearly everywhere. Just look at those screenies to see what I mean! Ouch. Actually it must have been a real ball-ache to do because its several layers of these textures.

Texturing aside, the architecture is much better this time and you can actually get through the doorways without getting stuck =). Unfortunately you still get stuck. Theres the odd piece of architecture which I'd just get stuck on.

Item placement is also iffy. There is one RL which is situated in the room shown in the first shot, which is a real bitch to get to. If you do manage to get the RL its very easy to dominate. The RL is very close to a MH and YA so you can very easily stock up on them and just let rockets rip across the map.You're looking at 4 people to get things going. 1-on-1 isn't enough.

Not a bad map, but the over usage of the two textures and bad item placement really annoyed me.

3.0 out of 5.0

Download 253Kb - 570 downloads | readme | INhabitaNT | Author Site

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