For Old Times' Sake

2 to 8 Players players | Reviewed by Paul - Monday 14th September 1998 @ 12:00am

What this map lacks in looks it makes up in the play department. 4 players is fun, but 8 was much more entertaining.

Of course not everything is rosey, as you can see from the second screenshot the outside section is like the R_FULLBRIGHT function. Its also a little low in detail, but that can be said of the level in general. Some textures also seemed a little stretched.

On thing that knocked the score was the inclusion of the Pentagram of Protection. I *HATE* this power up. Its placing isn't good either, its in easy reach if you're willing to take a dip in the water.

3.0 out of 5.0

Download 215Kb - 655 downloads | readme | Jon Holdredge | no author site

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