Curved Stone (Re-review)

2 to 8 Players players | Reviewed by Paul - Tuesday 7th September 1999 @ 11:09am

You're probably thinking "Haven't you already reviewed this map?" You'd be right because I have, in that review I mentioned a problem with the placement of the DM starts. So Renegade has done good and moved them. Does it make a difference? Read on...

Its now a much more enjoyable map to play, even more fun than The Keep. Ammo is well balanced for a 4 player game. Due to the curved walls you could just see the edges of players as they'd be running away and if you're were lucky you could just hit them. It made for some interesting frags.

The architecture is good. All curvy. There could be a little more variety in architecture. Note though that this is not a map for those with low end machines. We are talking *very high* r_speeds. All that nice curvy architecture has come at a price. A big price. At one particular point it nearly hits the 1350 mark! Anyway, lighting is ok. Its a little dark in some spots, but the its nothing major.

All in all its a good map but you'll need a monster machine to run it!

4.0 out of 5.0

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