BF47DM3 "The Homebase"

2 to 4 Players players | Reviewed by Paul - Sunday 9th May 1999 @ 12:07pm

The architecture in Bigfoots maps has always been on a little on the wierd side. This map is no exception. The style is little more consistent in that it does look a like a base what with crates and huge pipes coming out of the floor. Some Quake 2 textures have been converted across.

The fun is spoilt by everything being so cramped and squashed. I had real problems navigating this map and if I have problems then so do the bots. They went into the old panic mode and started their Mexican jumping bean act.

Bigfoot was onto something with his first map, Faithlift but seems to gone a little of track with this one.

2.0 out of 5.0

Download 525Kb - 546 downloads | readme | BIGFooT_47 | Author Site

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