Cbase2.bsp (cbase remix)

2 to 8 Players players | Reviewed by Paul - Monday 3rd May 1999 @ 2:40am

Did you spot the Doom textures? The screenshots I took don't show them particularly well but they are in there. When I did make Doom maps I used those textures nearly in all my maps. The maps name is also written in the Doom font and is splashed upon a couple of walls, one of which you can see in the left screenshot. The majority of the map though is done up in base style textures, with the Doom ones just seeming to used as highlights in certain areas.

Unfortunately the use of Doom textures doesn't save this map.The layout is messy. Its disjointed and I didn't manage to get any kind of flow going. Then theres that little problem of the powerups. As you've probably already noticed in the screenshots there is a quad and a pentagram, both of which are in easy reach. No messing about, you can just freely pick them up. Imagine someone with both of these at once. I managed to get them both and I racked up 30+ kills... although I did have 9 bots in there with me =).

1.5 out of 5.0

Download 465Kb - 780 downloads | readme | Forrest | no author site

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