Cbadm3 - Knark i Kaffet

2 to 4 Players players | Reviewed by Pingu - Saturday 13th March 1999 @ 12:00am

A quick chat with the author revealed that the map name in english is "Dope in the Coffee", something which I've never tried but sounds like fun...

Onto the map itself. Space Stations are definately in fashion again it seems, and here we have another one (that's 3 this week). It's a credit to the mappers that all the maps share the same theme but look completely different. Here we have a nice mix of thick brown metal pillars (the coffee?) with blue brick walls which are nicely edged with pale blue strips. As with Stranded there are banks of lights shedding steady illumination throughout the level.

Mostly this map is 2 level, with most of the armour downstairs & the health up top. The weapons are fairly distributed and it makes for a good game. IMO you can't beat the 'death from above' moves, and there's plenty of opportunities here to kamikaze yourself off the top shooting the enemy in the head. There's not many jumps to make, but there are a few others risks to take, and rocket-jumping is just about possible in a couple of places to get between levels. Not that this is needed though as there are lots of lifts to take you skyward.

1-1 is rocking, nice and tactical but very well balanced. 4 players is a max here, any more and it gets silly. The level flows expertly, no sticking points, a few tight corners to watch your aim on but openness to let those rockets rip.

Problems? Well there's no LG which would be right at home here, and there's no need to have the lifts activated by buttons here - there's always other ways down. Apart from these a highly recommended map.

4.5 out of 5.0

Download 176Kb - 614 downloads | readme | Cybear aka Björn Aneer | no author site

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