2 to 6 Players players | Reviewed by Paul - Saturday 6th March 1999 @ 12:00am

Vondur returns with another quality map that steps away from the mould. Originality is out in force here. Although the architecture is sort of similiar to some of Headshots pieces, its the use of new textures which set this map apart. I'm not to keen on the star textures for the item pads but the rest of them look really cool. The layout is extremely good. Everything is well connected with most rooms having several exits. Air lifts are used to push the player onto the upper levels.

I tried the map with different player loads. It worked well on all that I tried and I enjoyed 4 the most. Ammo and health are in plentiful supply. Weapons and armour are also well placed.

As always, and if like me you use the Omicron bots, you can download a version of the map with an Obot route built in. Click here (6kb bigger) to get it!

4.5 out of 5.0

Download 300Kb - 616 downloads | readme | Vondur | no author site

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