2 to 8 Players players | Reviewed by Paul - Saturday 27th February 1999 @ 12:00am

So what do get for your 440kb download? Well I'll tell you. A base style map which can hold upto 8 mad raving lunatics at one time.

The majority of the base textures have been put to use here. The problem with this set of textures is that alignment has to be spot on. For the most part its fine. The problem lies with when different textures merge with others. It looks messy. Theres also a flashing light in there which doesn't seem to anything other than look out of place.

Looks aside it played ok. At times the layout seemed to stop play from running particularly smoothly. I had no problems, but the bots looked like they'd all eaten a can of mexican jumping beans each because these guys were jumping all over the place! They'd bounce of the upper platforms, then try to jump back up, miss and fall into the lava. I've never seen them act this mad.

Item placement isn't really up to scratch. The Megahealth is nicely placed but its pretty easy for one person to keep control of it. The red armour is in an annoying place. You can see from the left hand screenshot that its on top of a stack of crates, try getting it when theres 8 people playing. Its not going to happen. Also the weapons are placed out of the way. The RL is ok, but to get the other weapons you have to go to out of the way places.

2,0 out of 5.0

Download 440Kb - 715 downloads | readme | MisYu aka Michal Skinder | no author site

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