Baldm3 - Tainted Meat

2 to 12 Players players | Reviewed by Paul - Sunday 17th January 1999 @ 12:00am

Wow! Jaw dropping. This maps looks superb. This is one of the best looking maps you will ever see. Bal has taken the ikbase set of textures and mixed in some others to create a rather nice look map =P. Its like Baldm1 but more care and thought has been taken in its design and layout. R_SPEEDS are high, but none above 800. Texture alignment is spot on, I couldn't find a misalignment.

The base is carved thought a mountain, with suitable grass and rock textures used. Lighting inside the base is well done, bright but not over done. Lighting outside the base is used to good effect. It highlights parts of the structures.

The layout is huge! You'll need a few players here. 8 is about right, any less and its a slower paced game. Item placement is good. Maybe a couple of the Red Armours are too closely placed but not really a problem.

5.0 out of 5.0

Download 473Kb - 1009 downloads | readme | Bal | no author site

#1. Wooo ^

by GibFest - Sunday 22nd October 2000 @ 8:54am (

This map along with Warfare by Gonzo are my all time CLASSIC greats, they rock.

#2. BALDM3 ^

by John-Paul - Thursday 26th October 2000 @ 6:24pm (

This map is in a leage of it's own, I really don't know what else to say........simply Fantastic.

#3. Leage? ^

by Drannerz - Saturday 10th March 2001 @ 3:02pm (

...Unlike your spelling

#4. Awesome ^

by Ashley Lauren - Sunday 19th August 2001 @ 5:21pm (

The detail in this map takes your breath away ! My only problem is that there's rarely enough people around to play it !

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