KJDM11 - Chaos Matrices

2-4 Players players | Reviewed by Paul - Saturday 28th November 1998 @ 3:19pm

Killjoy has recently been slagged off by Mr Fribbles for copying peoples work. Well to some extent that maybe true, this map does take its look from Mr Fribbles EFDM7. The problem here is thats its rather lacking in detail. It seems bland looking, the previously mentioned map does have alot of nice touches and details, which this map should really have.

Looks aside, this is the best playing level of this weeks bunch. Play flows well and I have no complaints with item placement. Killjoy can indeed make good maps, he just needs to concentrate on the finer points.

4.0 out of 5.0

Download 154Kb - 920 downloads | readme | Killjoy | no author site

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