XL Braving the Elements

2 to 6 Players players | Reviewed by Paul - Saturday 9th January 1999 @ 12:00am

After taking a switch in textures from Dissonance style to ProdigyXL's own map XL Dust, we have a map which fits in with the rest of the series. This change has given it a more detailed look, which I prefer alot better. Corridors linking the areas together look like they've been carved out a mountain side with metal supports holding them up. Light sprays up the walls and looks pretty cool.

It also makes a step up in size, this map is more epic than his previous offerings. As such a higher player load is needed to comfortably keep a game going. Anyway, the layout is three large multi-level artiums connected via corridors, lifts and huge teleporters! You'd have to be pretty inapt to miss going into one.

So looks aside how does it play? Well I mentioned earlier, you need about 6 players here. Its good fun to play. Rocket shoot outs make up quite a bit of the action. With the space available in the map, it can be easy to dodge them. Thing is you've usually got 2 or 3 rockets heading towards you at once, you can't dodge them all!

Ammo and armour is plentiful. Someone could dominate the map by staying on the top level because of the red armour and MH, so you'll have to keep your eye on that. As with XL Dust the Quad is in a very easy place to get to! So its Quad kills a plenty. People on the qboard commented on this, but he seems to have ignored us again =). Otherwise its a bang up job!

4.5 out of 5.0

Download 255Kb - 761 downloads | no readme | ProdigyXL | no author site

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