Azure Halls

4-8 Players players | Reviewed by Paul - Tuesday 1st September 1998 @ 2:15pm

Blue!!! Thats the first thing you'll notice. The entire level is blue. James has used custom textures for the map and I have to say they work well. Entrance ways to corridors are all curved and have a cobble brick effect around the edge. More nice touches were the blood patches on the floor and cracks and bullet marks on the walls. Whats good to note is that these textures weren't over used. Respawn spots are easy to spot because they are on a red pentagram texture. Lighting was good, but in some places it was a little too dark.

Play wise, with 8 players frags came quickly. Most of the action took place in the two areas shown in the screenshots. With 4 players it became apparent how little ammo there is. With more players it doesn't matter since there are loads of backpacks around. Now this is the main reason for the score. All weapons are present in the level. What is a little funny though is there are no rockets or shotgun shells. The only ammo in this level consists of a few cells and nails. Also there are only four health packs. Two of which are in the right hand side screenshot. Naturally there is a Megahealth which is at the back of room shown in the left hand shot.

All in all an original looking level which is best played with 8.

3.0 out of 5.0

Download 221Kb - 734 downloads | readme | James4040 | no author site

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