2 to 8 Players players | Reviewed by Paul - Sunday 25th October 1998 @ 2:20pm

Decorated in red brick and inspired, as the author puts it, by ztn's very nice map ztndm6 'The Vomitorium.' Texture use is good. Lighting is used to good affect, nice spot lights jutt out of walls.

The layout is two big areas which are connected by a central room which has lava in, as shown in the right hand screenshot.

Playwise I think a 6 player FFA works best. 1-on-1 doesn't work too well with it being a large level. Item placement is good, you can sometimes run a little low on rockets, but with enough players backpacks make up for this.

4.5 out of 5.0

Download 355Kb - 870 downloads | readme | Ninja (Grant Creasey) | Author Site

#1. A Classic ^

by Ashley Lauren - Saturday 25th August 2001 @ 5:02pm (

Great map for six to eight players.
The interconnecting passages make for great chases. The good use of overlapping levels and placement of teleporters make you constantly on guard from the unseen enemy. I love the lava room with the ammo (2nd screen shot). Want it bad enough ? Risk falling into the lava ! I've had a lot of fun with this map over the years, it always gets the adrenaline pumping !

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