The Limbo Of Broken Ecstasies

2 to 4 players | Reviewed by xen - Monday 13th May 2002 @ 4:42am

One thing that really gets my goat in the mapping scene is when new mappers submit maps without comparing the quality to existing custom maps or even the ID maps. There have been previous poor releases which justify my rant enough but this one possibly takes the gold medal. The layout is entirely 2D (with the exception of one start-room containing the singleplayer spawn), and consists of four tiny box rooms, connected up as a square by four tight, straight, rectangular corridors.

Texturing and architecture are frankly absent from the equation here. The majority of the map is decorated in a horrid pattern of fullbright red squiggles against a black background, with some of the floors the same only with bits of newspaper-cuttings replacing the red squiggles. A few portraits adorn the walls but don't improve anything, and other faces are just plain fulldark. No detailing has been used whatsoever, unless you count the odd walltorch floating in mid-air.

As for gameplay, the RL, SNG, SSG and NG occupy a room each with a few scatterings of health and armour in between. With the layout of the map taken in hand, this leads to bugger-all possible tactics in FFA other than to run around in circles using up ammo, before getting smacked by a rocket and hoping you respawn by the RL. Duelling is even less exciting, with whoever spawns closest to the RL dominating the game with ease. A few monsters are splashed about randomly in SP, but even they fail to add to the enjoyability level whatsoever.

Overall this map would be quite poor for a speedmap, and even below average for a map made in Notepad, but as a full release, it makes even the lowest of the low-scoring maps you've ever played look like works of geniuses. (Oh, and if anyone complains that this map is underscored due to it being 'strategic, and looking stylish', I shall frankly scream.)

I hope Kim Vidal takes some influence from high-quality maps and improves in the future.

0.0 out of 5.0

Download 57Kb - 1379 downloads | readme | Kim Vidal | Author Site

#1. 3 years old? ^

by xen - Monday 13th May 2002 @ 5:06pm (

Lol! Who the feck submitted it here then? Forget that last line :)

#2. Err... ^

by sargatanas - Monday 13th May 2002 @ 5:07pm (

This looks more like a map made with elephant shit on plaster. Good God. This makes Vampirizm and Sadizm like agent orange.

Good job Vondur!

#3. um.. ^

by xen - Monday 13th May 2002 @ 5:11pm (

*5* years old, even... misread.

#4. ROFL ^

by sargatanas - Monday 13th May 2002 @ 5:25pm (

hehe, 5 years old!

#5. uhh... ^

by E-werd - Monday 13th May 2002 @ 9:55pm (

umm...even my first map (unreleased) was better than this...and i did that in 20 hrs...what the hell do you call this?!

#6. The Limbo Of Broken Ecstasies? ^

by cyBeAr - Tuesday 14th May 2002 @ 6:05am (


#7. Heh ^

by Paul @ Work - Tuesday 14th May 2002 @ 8:08am (

Cybear 1, E-werd 0

#8. Huh? ^

by E-werd - Tuesday 14th May 2002 @ 1:10pm (




...*burp; fart; hiccup*...*explode*

#9. Speed ate the title ^

by Speed - Tuesday 14th May 2002 @ 5:49pm (

the linik is broken. 404 when I try to d/l map

#10. sigh ^

by Paul - Tuesday 14th May 2002 @ 6:29pm (

As mentioned in the news, I have been unable to upload the maps due to problems with my ftp access. Please stop pointing out the bleeding obvious and wait a couple of days.

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