Old Crater

2 to 4 players | Reviewed by xen - Tuesday 7th May 2002 @ 4:06pm

Paraboil's maps have often been praised for providing high quality gameplay, if not shining in the looks department. Sadly, this new release is an exception. Consisting simply of a large enclosed hole with a thin ledge around the sides and some rocky stepping-stones floating in lava, it's hardly a work of art construction wise. The bland lighting, limited textures (I counted four, including the lava & sky) and complete lack of detail fail to enhance, too.

Looks aren't the only thing that are minimal however; items are a tad thin on the quantity front, with the map offering one red armour... and nothing else. No matter what the playerload, the only purpose of playing seems to be for practising shotgun-aiming skills, although it's easy to run out of shells unless you get killed (which isn't difficult considering the amount of inescapable lava on the premesis).

It's fun for about a minute but the novelty soon wears off.

(Note from Paul : blame me for the review screenshots.)

0.5 out of 5.0

Download 77Kb - 1426 downloads | readme | ParboiL | Author Site

#1. Dm4 ^

by Fern - Tuesday 7th May 2002 @ 4:12pm (

You need to play on mode 4. Not that this will make it suck any less.

#2. sam ate the title ^

by sam - Tuesday 7th May 2002 @ 5:54pm (

It works as RA dm4/map. And its ok for that
Stupid to judge ra map as normal. Ofcourse it sucks in dm1/2

#3. Luny ate the title ^

by Luny - Tuesday 7th May 2002 @ 6:13pm (

Yeah the reviewer didn't quite know what the map was for. I've been playing it with dmm4 1on1 for a while now and it's great for a change every now and then. I like the map.

#4. well ^

by xen - Tuesday 7th May 2002 @ 6:25pm (

At the top of the review you'll notice it says '2-4' next to the map name. That isn't sent by the reviewer, it's decided by whoever submitted the map. If that's how the map is submitted, then that's how it's reviewed, I would have thought. No custom game-mode was specified.

I still think it deserves a low score though, due to it being a poor creation on the mapper's behalf; it looks like it was slapped together in ten minutes, and has no visual/structural interest.

#5. d'oh ^

by xen - Tuesday 7th May 2002 @ 6:31pm (

"That isn't sent by the reviewer..."

sent = set

#6. Hmmm ^

by DaZ - Tuesday 7th May 2002 @ 8:07pm (

Yeah, definitely ParboiL's worst release :/ I dunno what he was thinking, his other maps are SO MUCH BETTER!

#7. Hmm.... ^

by ParboiL - Wednesday 8th May 2002 @ 8:58am (

The basic purpose which I pursued - to collect something new, unusual.
In design I was not engaged! LOL :)

#8. Hmm....part II ^

by ParboiL - Wednesday 8th May 2002 @ 9:10am (

If you Xen read readme.txt that there there is a line: Recommended to be played using deathmatch mode 4/5. This map is assembled for a type Amphi! ROFL :))))))))))
Thank Luny and all of themes who has understood my idea!!!

#9. *sigh* ^

by xen - Wednesday 8th May 2002 @ 11:50am (

Read post #1

#10. Uh Huh ^

by Paul @ Work - Wednesday 8th May 2002 @ 11:51am (

I was aware that it is meant to run it another mode, but it is irrelevant since the maps here are reviewed in plain deathmatch. I think you have misunderstoond since if you wanted it reviewing for that, you should have gone elsewhere.

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