Daedalus Revisited

1v1 - 4-8 FFA players | Reviewed by DaZ - Wednesday 20th March 2002 @ 5:56pm

Biff0r! Biff Debris returns with a new masterpiece for all to behold. "Daedalus re-visited" is a stunning piece of work, an ultra detailed and superbly lit idbase textured map that restores my (and many other peoples) faith in the idbase texture set. Gorgeous curved adorn the multi-tiered map and cool spotlights reach up the impressive architecture, it truely is a joy to behold.

Gameplay is fantastic, and I am able to speak 1st hand about this, thanks to RPG's custom map server. All areas of the map are used brilliantly, with a superb 3d element to the gameplay, just the right amount of weapons and armour even out the playing field. And the only true advantage you can get over your opponents is height, it counts for a lot in this map.

Added cool touches are little holes in lifts that you can pop grenades through to spam the people below, and a nice quad secret that took me a while to find (to the amusement of Cardo and Biff...).

One sentence to sum this monster up : GET IT NOW! :)

4.5 out of 5.0

Download 455Kb - 1904 downloads | readme | Biff Debris | Author Site

#11. Looks cool ^

by MasterMind - Friday 22nd March 2002 @ 12:53am (

Yeah, what they said =). Are there any servers that play this map or any of the other maps here? I went to the quake.umassd.edu server and there is no one EVER there.

#12. Electro doesn't like titles ^

by Electro - Friday 22nd March 2002 @ 2:30am (


#13. "The little room" ^

by QMD - Saturday 23rd March 2002 @ 3:44am (

This map is really fun to play. I played with ReaperBots (no sv_gravity 10 this time =) and I really enjoyed the game play. I wonder where we can go to the server you are talking about to play with folks on the Internet. Excessive curves makes it very sexy and as a beginner with WC (still learning ) I hope one day I can make cool spotlight and lights on those walls.

That little room, as Drannerz also said, suprised me but for me it was more the nice touch of making a door ( can't open it ) in that tinny little room. I specially liked have that RL and suddenly ReaperBots came in then Frag party bloody mary started in the little room hehe party time.

Biff, this map rocks man.


#15. that room ^

by DaZ - Saturday 23rd March 2002 @ 8:24am (

has a quad in it. I dunno why it aint there for you guys...

#16. Bozar couldn't be arsed with a title ^

by Bozar - Sunday 24th March 2002 @ 12:18am (

after some time quad stops to respawn with omicrons for me ;/

#17. omg ^

by Electro - Sunday 24th March 2002 @ 8:05am (

maybe that's because omicron sucks

#18. Thanks U Guys! ^

by biff_debris - Monday 25th March 2002 @ 12:27am (

Thanks for all the great comments. It's true the thing has uber-high r_speeds, but since Drannerz released drandm7, I had hope that big beautiful maps now had a place in this venue -- and, judging from the responses here and elsewhere, a very nice one, at that. Thanks again =)

#19. fuck r_speeds :) ^

by DaZ - Tuesday 26th March 2002 @ 5:03am (


#20. Heh ^

by xen - Tuesday 26th March 2002 @ 9:28am (

'Fuck the r_speeds' - ©2000, Bal

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