1-on-1 players | Reviewed by xen - Monday 13th May 2002 @ 6:07pm

Now listen up there, guys; THIS is how to make a quality map! As just one of the great Prolific Polish Quake Mapping Force (PPQMF), Qurnel has churned out many an excellent release over the past few years, this being his 20th released map, and that's not including the PlPak contributions! He ain't no Rocketman though, all of his maps have been of at least recommendable quality, many of them highly so. 'Hatebreeder' is undoubtedly his best release to date.

Why so, I hear you ask? It just excells in all fields; firstly, the style is one I have never seen before, combining the techy IKbase textures with ID's gloomy medieval brick, all executed very well. Some natural elements have been included too, such as the odd bit of rock and grass, which always makes for some interesting variety as well as providing a subtle touch of realism. The monotone texture combination is further enhanced by some lovely sourced lighting, which along with neat 'broken' wall sections, add to the overall detail level nicely. Architecture is nothing spectacular, but is nonetheless well constructed and neat, with good use of angles. There's also some crates if you're into that sort of thing.

Secondly, connectivity throughout the map is remarkably varied and hassle-free. Just about every area is overlooked by another and is accessible in various ways. Lifts and teleports are put to use well, and aerial leaping between ledges is common when running about the map. Rocket-jumpers can rejoice too, with trick-jumping often providing a nifty shortcut or two between floors. The verticality is at no point extreme, but many sections provide plenty of 3d gameplay, often putting the GL to great use. There are of course tighter, more enclosed rooms and corridors though, which provide extra balance between the available weapons. Good usage of dead-end sections has also been made to add further variety to the gameplay. Layout-wise, several have compared it to Peej's awesome 'Strafin' series, and although certain influences are recognisable, no areas are distinctively reminiscent.

Finally, the gameplay. Needless to say, 4 player FFA is a blast, taking into account the map's freely connected nature. Camping is near-impossible, and the large range of playing areas provokes plenty of different tactics and playing styles. 1on1 also excells, with remarkably balanced supplies and weaponary. The only noticable flaw is that it is quite possible to dominate both RLs, but seeing as the ground floor is usually most vulnerable, it is seldom a problem when the action heats up.

I know it's a high score, but the author has earned every last fraction of it. It's the icing on the cake that is Qurnel's map catalogue, and also stands as an excellent map in it's own right. Essential.

5.0 out of 5.0

Download 368Kb - 2774 downloads | readme | QurneL | Author Site

#11. :) ^

by MaTi - Tuesday 14th May 2002 @ 5:59am (

Fajnie masz Qurnel. U mnie tyle nie dostales :) Btw. MisYu? Kiedy wraca KURMA?

#12. Pauk ^

by MisYu - Tuesday 14th May 2002 @ 9:25am (

Because I'm playing football 20h/day =)

No maps from me, btw =)

MaTi-> nigdy

#13. Drannerz+ is afraid of typing too much ^

by Drannerz+ - Tuesday 14th May 2002 @ 10:30am (

After I calmed down from my bone....I agree with scampie. It plays sweetly, but doesn't quite have that little bit extra that, say, Lacrima or efdm12 had. 4.5/5

Just my opinion.

#14. :( ^

by MaTi - Tuesday 14th May 2002 @ 11:04am (

To szkoda... Btw. GL z football :)

#16. i on't get it... ^

by E-werd - Tuesday 14th May 2002 @ 1:11pm (

How do you make a good map with IDBase, IKBase, and IDSwamp textures...and get it to work? That is one hell of a combination...

#17. Speed doesn't like titles ^

by Speed - Tuesday 14th May 2002 @ 6:03pm (

You need to be consistent with the scores. You either being generous or too picky.

Nice map anyway, and plays great

#18. sorry ^

by xen - Tuesday 14th May 2002 @ 6:40pm (

From now on all maps I review will get 3.5/5

#19. Erm... ^

by MisYu - Tuesday 14th May 2002 @ 6:55pm (

...but I heard, that MPQ will be closed? :)

#20. woah ^

by Electro - Wednesday 15th May 2002 @ 4:32am (

mumma's got a brand new bag

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