Chad's Deathmatch map

1 on 1 players | Reviewed by Paul - Tuesday 12th February 2002 @ 6:32pm

Prepare to put on SPF 50 sun block and some shades because itís kinda bright. The source less lighting looks over lit and the light coloured walls and floors further enhance the effect. The layout is that of a medium sized room with a circular path of semi floating platforms connected via stairs. Bubbling lava makes the set complete by filling up the lower section of the room. There is an attempt at some castle style architecture, but it doesnít add any value.

The thing that tickled me is that when I took the screen shots for the review I didnít notice that in the lava (yes in the lava) are the following: heath pack, small rockets, RL, RA, MH and last but by no means least the Quad. I can only surmise their inclusion is similar to that of a certain unreachable Quad in this thing, i.e. to piss the player off. It works. I suppose itís a taste of my own medicine. Anyway, there is the slimmest of chances of getting them by snagging the Pentagram of Protection, but that isnít easy. Plus I donít think you can get out of the lava once youíre inÖ

So given that the juicy stuff is as good as useless, what are we left with? A SSG, NG, SNG and GL, each of which has been cunningly placed near ammo that isnít of the same kind as what the weapon uses. There is however, given the maps rather titchy size, more than enough ammo. The same cannot be said of the health though, but as the author points out:

"It is a test of skill as there is no health."

I just found it annoying. All this means is that you run around and around and around in circles until you get fragged or bored. And you will.

0.0 out of 5.0

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#61. gaaaaah ^

by xen - Sunday 24th February 2002 @ 3:58pm (

Drannerz, you have a very irritating habit of always posting at the same time as me...

Anyway, you're one of the most abusive cunts I know; maybe we can set up a 'Cranky Chris' or 'Cranky Drannerz' section at RQ dedicated to your shameless flaming. In fact I might suggest it to Daz, or even Paul - you hear that, pauk? =)

#62. Meep Meep ^

by Paul - Sunday 24th February 2002 @ 5:00pm (

MasterMind : Sorry, I'm not keen on the sections idea, sounds like it would be messy. As for your other post, it was interesting to see what you were thinking so it doesn't matter it wasn't on topic :).

MisYu : Err thanks (stop with the kissing), but I wouldnít rate dm1 that highly :P.

loTTe ohm : I like the idea of beta section, I dunno whether I will implement this though.

Drannerz : Excellent idea, but I'm now impervious to it as well so I'll take whatever stick people wanna give. Maybe we could have Drannerzís corner on RQ like xen said.

Electro : Pardon my french, but STFU YOU RETARD. I mean it in a nice way.

xen : Thanks. See next bit :)

Everyone : Ok, now down to business. If fault was going to be placed then it should be on me because I started this whole abusive reviews thing (/me thinks Saving Private Ryan. It still makes me laugh when I read that review, even though I shouldnít). Now whenever we get low scoring maps we get people expecting a barney.

I'm now trying to be more helpful and not as abusive in reviews of this kind and as such I'm gonna stick to the way the site is run. Any map submitted will be reviewed. I will however email the author with feedback. If people post crap (comments) I will remove them and I would like people not to rise to the bait and just not reply. Note that I didn't reply until post 30-ish. Silly me thinking it would run out of steam.

Finally I want to do two things. The first is an article explaining why we review any map, should be a cut and paste job from here. The second is another article with links to resources and points of help on mapping. I would be very grateful if people could come up with suggestions (heh, and save me some work).

#63. Enough experience ???? ^

by randyom - Monday 25th February 2002 @ 3:24am (

After all comments I think i will do my very own first DM map in the next two months.
When will see if it's enough only to play quake since the first days to know if a maps looks good.
And if not you will see playing experience have nothing to do ith mapping .... or ???
( so ctf is dead and no one is reviewing that I can do also a dm map)
(Thanks to misyu on his download section I found a registered worldcraft *g*)

#64. Xen (why the name change btw?) ^

by loTTe ohm - Monday 25th February 2002 @ 1:46pm (

Sure, I'm perfectly aware of the positive effects the review and comments can have. This is why I proposed the "help-instead-review-section".
This could go "Sorry, map not good enough for a review. Next time try to improve x, y and z (opposed to x, y and z is bad)." Because of stating everything in a positive way, flaming should be avoided. And if the author and potential helpers are interested, the conversation really has a chance to become a fruitful one.
Sure, it can also turn out like that after a normal review. But experience shows that it's unlikely. And I just feel kind of sorry for the newbie mappers (that sometimes get more shit than they deserve) and the community atmosphere (that gets poisoned by all this flaming).

#65. Ditto loTTe ohm's comments... ^

by Panzer - Monday 25th February 2002 @ 10:53pm (

I'm a fairly new Q3A mapper, but have always been more interested in Quake 1 and 2. The reason I don't map for those games is I can't figure out the compile process for them. Compile vis...compile light...compile bsp and aas and so-on and so-forth. There are a lot of complicated steps involved that most of the veteran mappers take for granted and I think maybe they should point out/suggest how to VIS a map or whatever the map may be lacking. Some newbie mappers might not know how... sure don't (thanks to the lazy Q3Build compiler) My point is this...if you "veteran" mappers would like to see the Q1 community still thriving in 2-5 years, a little help to the little guys would be very much appreciated. BTW...I'd like to try my hand at some Q1 mapping so any links to some quality tutorials and editing tools would be nice! Thanks for listening and hope to see some more great stuff here soon.

#66. Paul ate the title ^

by Paul - Tuesday 26th February 2002 @ 4:11am (

In regards to tutorials and links I'm in the process of creating something that would probably be of use to yourself and other people who are just starting Quake mapping.

Just out of interest, what editor are using (for Quake, not q3a)?

#67. editor ^

by randyom - Tuesday 26th February 2002 @ 7:43am (

using worldcraft 1.6

#69. Choice of Level Editor ^

by Panzer - Tuesday 26th February 2002 @ 8:30am (

Q3Radiant build 2.02 It's very powerful and I just wish things like VIS and LIGHT for Quake were compiled at the same time as the BSP. I think that's where a lot of people stumble as newbies because there seems to be little or no reference on the subject of how to use these programs (credit that to the age of the game) I tinkered with WorldCraft a little bit before going with Radiant and Q3A, so I think I'm gonna re-install it on my machine. What build is the best for Quake?

#70. 1.6 I think ^

by Paul - Tuesday 26th February 2002 @ 3:30pm (

Not entirely sure since I used Quark (/me ducks). As for getting hold of it, ask MisYu, he should know :).

randyom : I'm not sure what you're saying in post #63.

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