Chad's Deathmatch map

1 on 1 players | Reviewed by Paul - Tuesday 12th February 2002 @ 6:32pm

Prepare to put on SPF 50 sun block and some shades because it’s kinda bright. The source less lighting looks over lit and the light coloured walls and floors further enhance the effect. The layout is that of a medium sized room with a circular path of semi floating platforms connected via stairs. Bubbling lava makes the set complete by filling up the lower section of the room. There is an attempt at some castle style architecture, but it doesn’t add any value.

The thing that tickled me is that when I took the screen shots for the review I didn’t notice that in the lava (yes in the lava) are the following: heath pack, small rockets, RL, RA, MH and last but by no means least the Quad. I can only surmise their inclusion is similar to that of a certain unreachable Quad in this thing, i.e. to piss the player off. It works. I suppose it’s a taste of my own medicine. Anyway, there is the slimmest of chances of getting them by snagging the Pentagram of Protection, but that isn’t easy. Plus I don’t think you can get out of the lava once you’re in…

So given that the juicy stuff is as good as useless, what are we left with? A SSG, NG, SNG and GL, each of which has been cunningly placed near ammo that isn’t of the same kind as what the weapon uses. There is however, given the maps rather titchy size, more than enough ammo. The same cannot be said of the health though, but as the author points out:

"It is a test of skill as there is no health."

I just found it annoying. All this means is that you run around and around and around in circles until you get fragged or bored. And you will.

0.0 out of 5.0

Download 100Kb - 946 downloads | readme | Scicosiz | Author Site

#71. Worldcraft :) ^

by xen - Tuesday 26th February 2002 @ 5:12pm (

Check my comments on the latest news post here =)

#72. Now we're getting somewhere! ^

by Panzer - Tuesday 26th February 2002 @ 5:30pm (

Now that's what a community does. If this is any indication of what may come, there could be a huge surge in Q1 mapping interest. Wouldn't that just rock the Q3A and RtCW communities?!!

#73. worldcraft ^

by randyom - Wednesday 27th February 2002 @ 3:13am (

ok misyu has already removed his worldcraft versions from for download but with this versions I was able to upgrade to fully licensed worldcraft

#74. Panzer ^

by Paul - Wednesday 27th February 2002 @ 5:38pm (

I tried to reply to your email at mailto:[email protected]?subject=Arrgggh don't email me!?.com but it bounced. Got another email address I can try?

#75. That's funny...(weird funny) ^

by Panzer - Wednesday 27th February 2002 @ 8:05pm (

Can't explain why it didn't get through, but here is my alternate:

mailto:[email protected]?subject=Arrgggh don't email me!?.com

I found some help at QuakeLab, but some essential files are missing (such as QBSP, ARGHLITE, etc...) I also installed QuArK but I might go with WorldCraft. It had the feel of Radiant when I tried it. Just gotta get comfortable with it first. Thanks for all the support and hope to get some active links to those progs soon.

#76. Sorry for using this as a message board... ^

by Panzer - Wednesday 27th February 2002 @ 9:28pm (

I also visited The Forge and found some files there (RVIS.EXE, ARGHLITE.EXE, ARGHRAD.EXE, QBSP.EXE 1.65 and Full) and I would like to know which ones to use. These are for WorldCraft and I still don't know what version is best for Q1 (current build is 3.3 but only for Half-Life) nor where to download it from. Ok, I'm gonna try to stop using this as a board, but felt a larger base (the community at large) could be a better source than just a few people. Future comments will be sent via email. Thanks Paul!

#77. Seventy Fricken Seven ^

by Nekroe - Monday 4th March 2002 @ 12:45pm (

Jesus! I turn my back for a few weeks and this is what I return to??

#78. Sssh you ^

by Paul - Monday 4th March 2002 @ 4:21pm (

Keep quiet or it'll wake up.

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