Trick or Treat!

2-4 players | Reviewed by Fat Controller - Sunday 4th November 2001 @ 2:13pm

This map makes me hear grinding guitars. Metal of some kind. Or maybe it's that mod tune Zed that I can't find on the net anymore. Whatever.

Xenon's little festive slayground is a small set of curvy, richly decorated chambers wrapped around a main three-level atrium. Bedecked in a riot of Zerstörer and Ogro textures, with hints of Kingpin, Doom II and Daikatana thrown in, it's quite a feast for the eyeballs.

Inside all this eyeball candy reside one centrally placed rocket launcher, grenade launcher, both nailguns and super shotty, along with all armours, megahealth and the mighty Quad.

Play, as you might guess, is furious. There seems to be a deceptively straight path to become a red-clad rocket-toting megahealthed Quad monster (mmm, must be the "treat"), but remember that everyone else's thinking the same thing (ah, there's the "trick"!) Kick back, relax and smack the Quad ho' with a rocket as soon as he gets it.

I'm a red-clad rocket-totin' megahealthy QUAD MONSTAAAA..... *does heavy air guitar lick*


5.0 out of 5.0

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#21. aeei! ^

by cheshire - Thursday 29th November 2001 @ 10:48am (

you bastard!

killing my map off the Best Maps list...ooooh i shall hunt you down and attack you with a bag full of jelly.

you are an Evil Evil man.

(Good Good map though)

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