KHDM1 - Blue Aura

2-3 players | Reviewed by Fat Controller - Sunday 4th November 2001 @ 3:34pm

This is a tiny squarish three-level single atrium decked out in IKBlue. Three teleports and a ramp let you go up in the world, with well-sourced lighting.

The minimal weapons load - one central rocket launcher and one Perforator, along with one yellow jacket - plays unpleasantly: if you don't get the RL right away you will die virtually instantly. Over and over again. I won't say I was weeping with frustration, but I came very close.

Frankly, the map feels a bit understocked, and could have done with more health about the place (there only seems to be one health box), and could have done with being double the size as well. It's still well-built though and hopefully Kenth will produce some better maps in the future.

2.0 out of 5.0

Download 89Kb - 0 downloads | no readme | Kenth | Author Site

#1. ha ha ha... ^

by Drannerz - Tuesday 6th November 2001 @ 6:46am (

this looks shit.

#2. What this map needs... ^

by XeNoN - Tuesday 6th November 2001 @ 6:31pm (

Is opening in an editor, selecting all, and scaling x2^3.

#3. Speeds is afraid of typing too much ^

by Speeds - Wednesday 28th November 2001 @ 8:51pm (

why even bother wasting time on ugly maps ?
average speedmaps are better than this

#4. Looks aren't everything though... ^

by XeNoN - Friday 30th November 2001 @ 1:04pm (

It even plays badly too!


#5. lol ^

by Drannerz - Sunday 2nd December 2001 @ 11:59am (

Nice one XeN.

#6. ugh... ^

by Nekroe - Tuesday 4th December 2001 @ 11:09pm (

waste of a good texture set, methinks.

#7. bah! ^

by Drannerz - Wednesday 12th December 2001 @ 7:42pm (

Nah, I didn't like the tex set. Just looked bland and boring. both of the maps I've seen it in were crap.

#8. I liked it... ^

by FreeDiCT - Sunday 6th January 2002 @ 4:21pm (

It may not be the best level I've ever played, but I enjoyed it... But you shouldn't be more than 2 players on it...


#9. Really? ^

by Nekroe - Sunday 13th January 2002 @ 11:03am (

Does that include homecoming? i thought that was pretty good.

#10. Nekroe... ^

by xen - Sunday 13th January 2002 @ 5:11pm (

Yes, but you see this 'Drannerz', he knows nothing whatsoever about SP; the ignorant fool. Try asking him about nehahra? No clue...


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