Crdm2 : Mechanical Tears

2 - 8 Players players | Reviewed by Paul - Monday 4th March 2002 @ 4:23pm

So Daz, is normal lighting too good for you? :P. The only problem I have with it is I can’t really notice the coloured lighting. Rorshach’s Clockwork Droid textures have a brown/orange tinge to them and the lighting is a light in colour and doesn’t seem to show up. I mean if you’re going use it as least do it properly! I expected lots clashing reds and blues to give a nice purple glow and shocking aluminous greens ala Quake 2… *ah hem*. I am exaggerating a little; there is some variance in the lighting. The upper areas (that open up to the sky) are basked in a natural white light, whereas lower down it is of a more man made yellow kind of lighting. There is an interesting lime green effect emanating from the odd pool of slime but that’s about it. Playing in GLQuake the lighting comes across as being a bit flat but this is compounded by the difference in textures, as we’ll see next.

You will need to run TomazQuake or another similar modified exe in order to get the most out of the map due to the high quality textures (download here (2,365kb)).

There is a big difference in terms of this map looks if you don’t use the high quality textures. In normal GLQuake the colouring is different, the solid browns of the panels have turned to bland oranges and yellows. They also lose a lot of detail (shot 1, shot 2) and some of the textures look like mush (I mean that in a nice way, like mushy peas… hmmm).

Anyway, swiftly getting back on track. It’s a medium sized map set around a three level rectangular shaped atrium. I thoroughly enjoyed playing both when duelling and in FFA. I was surprised that it played so well in 1-on-1 because of its size but this is due to it being heavily interconnected. At first it’s not apparent how it all interconnects but after sustained play it is quite obvious.

Grumbles would be some of textures are misaligned and don’t blend into other sections quite as expected. Along with that some architecture doesn’t look right within the context of the theme, but it must be said this is a minor complaint. There are some very cool looking set pieces that show off the industrial style textures to good affect. I did find a couple of snag spots in the heat of a game which were a bit of a hindrance.

Item placement is good, lots of goodies to get your hands on. Two power ups have been included. The Quad is placed on top of a circular grate on the ground floor of one of the adjoining sections. A huge pipe connects out from the grate across the floor and then upwards as it pokes out from the wall before disappearing near the top up. The MH on the other hand, isn’t in such grand a location, its tucked in a rocky area just off the 1st floor of the main atrium.

Overall it’s a definite step up on from CRDM1 - Under the Influence. The layout is certainly more coherent and its all the better for it. It’s solidly constructed, littered with items, with lots of space to play in.

4.5 out of 5.0

Download 985Kb - 1267 downloads | readme | DaZ | Author Site

#31. D! ^

by Drannerz - Tuesday 19th March 2002 @ 12:14pm (

When I come home you can show me crdm3 and I'll lay the smackdown on it.

/me smacks...downwards

#32. What's so great... ^

by Morgulan - Friday 29th March 2002 @ 2:24pm (

Hey guys what's that buzz around this common playground? Get a life...I've seen much much levels like that, it's not quite bad nothing more. Be artists for Christ sake...

#33. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. ^

by xen - Wednesday 3rd April 2002 @ 3:19pm (

If you could be so gracious as to name what type of crack you're smoking which maps you approve of as works of 'art'? Perpnrg? Abcool? Freehold?

#34. j00 is teh s4wk... ^

by Drannerz_ - Thursday 4th April 2002 @ 2:50pm (


#35. I like it.. ^

by xage - Sunday 28th April 2002 @ 8:32pm (

Daz, its a fun map.. I was playing with a q1 engine mod (Teiq2), the tga textures, Frikbots & there was a lot of action and I had much fun running around in Quake1 style with new eyecandy f/x. =)

It is nice to actually see a mapper make use of some newer q1 engine mod features. Thanx

#36. humm... ^

by Tei - Thursday 2nd May 2002 @ 8:32am (

This map is obviusly good. And .tga textures add spice to play then. Without textures look a bit "jpg-isht" and with random noise. And i have not played then in DM, but look good for. I love central arenas connected by hallways.

The work of mappers is amazing. Not only this, but the others mappers generate content fooliing good. I have not test yet with my engine, but if Xage say is good this will be because is well sound designed (ambient sound). My engine get eyecandy from ambient sound, then well maps get very well sound/fx feedback. Other very well design is CZGTOXIC with is light_fluoro placement.

Good mappers do good maps.

#37. sweet ^

by Drannerz_ - Thursday 2nd May 2002 @ 1:47pm (

...there's another QMD

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