Lacrima Christi

2 - 6 Players players | Reviewed by DaZ - Sunday 29th July 2001 @ 12:31pm

If ever there was a contest for best looking gothic DM map, I think this would win hands down, it is the single most impressive map I have seen in a LONG time. The looks a totally gorgeous, a huge gothic church or cathederal with parts exposed to the open world, some areas have been completely ripped apart by earthquakes are blasts and the broken architecture that is left behind is simply outstanding...

And thats just the first part, the gameplay is totally amazing, balanced, brutal, tactical and flows so greatly around the map you wouldn't believe it! 4 player FFA was the best fun I have had in ages and 1 vs 1 was also amazing, if this map has faults, I didn't find any...

Item placement is spot on, its just too hard to describe but the map just flows so well, I dont think I have mentioned the 3d aspect yet either, most areas at least double leveled and all the rest have 3 or 4 levels on them, each with their own purpose and items... Wow.

Some people were asking when MPQ is going to give another 5/5 score, so I have been asking myself "does this map sit next to efdm12, baldm8 and others in terms of sheer quality"? And after much deliberation, bloody hell yes it does!

5.0 out of 5.0

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#21. Final part of my inspection / found 2 errors. ^

by QMD - Saturday 6th October 2001 @ 2:52am (

Awesome job, Gilt.
I did a second inspection and I was really surprise to found those
2 texture errors while doing a sv_gravity 10
Everything else is totally amazingly well done, except those 2 lights
P.S.: That's what Xen is probably talking about, "a gift to be treasured".

#22. May I ask... ^

by Paul - Saturday 6th October 2001 @ 11:21am (

...why the fuck have you bothered to post that? I mean what exactly does it achieve? It's not like Gilt is gonna go back and fix it. Plus the spot you picked, you have to specially noclip to it (or in your case do it the hard way by changing the gravity! why?!? use noclip!), meaning its pointless even bothering to point it out. It's not something you would normally see whilst playing. I'm sure there are quite a few maps like that, in fact I know there are, but you don't bother to point it out. I could go on, but it'll just get bitchy.

#23. Go go Paul! ^

by XeNoN - Sunday 7th October 2001 @ 5:09pm (


#24. QMD is an idiot... ^

by Nekroe - Sunday 16th December 2001 @ 10:46am (

he really is.

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