Lacrima Christi

2 - 6 Players players | Reviewed by DaZ - Sunday 29th July 2001 @ 12:31pm

If ever there was a contest for best looking gothic DM map, I think this would win hands down, it is the single most impressive map I have seen in a LONG time. The looks a totally gorgeous, a huge gothic church or cathederal with parts exposed to the open world, some areas have been completely ripped apart by earthquakes are blasts and the broken architecture that is left behind is simply outstanding...

And thats just the first part, the gameplay is totally amazing, balanced, brutal, tactical and flows so greatly around the map you wouldn't believe it! 4 player FFA was the best fun I have had in ages and 1 vs 1 was also amazing, if this map has faults, I didn't find any...

Item placement is spot on, its just too hard to describe but the map just flows so well, I dont think I have mentioned the 3d aspect yet either, most areas at least double leveled and all the rest have 3 or 4 levels on them, each with their own purpose and items... Wow.

Some people were asking when MPQ is going to give another 5/5 score, so I have been asking myself "does this map sit next to efdm12, baldm8 and others in terms of sheer quality"? And after much deliberation, bloody hell yes it does!

5.0 out of 5.0

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#11. mmmmm... ^

by drannerz - Wednesday 1st August 2001 @ 3:44pm (

...creamy goodness.

I wuv it.

#12. W0W! ^

by Starbuck - Wednesday 1st August 2001 @ 6:10pm (

This really is a spectacular map! Well done Gilt!

#13. Hmmm ^

by Blitz - Tuesday 7th August 2001 @ 1:57am (

When I loaded this map it said "-=Blitz=-, you know as well as I, that you are not worthy to play this map. Close Quake now, and when you are a little more worthy, you can play it. Thank you,"

Seriously tho wicked nice, especially the rocky bits, VERY nice. Whole map blew me away.

#14. Damn straight.. ^

by Jay - Monday 20th August 2001 @ 10:36pm (

Although I don't think it's "the most beautiful map ever," I definitely think it's an absolutely awesome map. Great visuals - now who's free to test out the gameplay? ICQ me 22736920 and lets get a game with this one on QMass :)
Grit ~ any chance we'll see a .lit file for Lacrima?

#15. Hi-5 ! ^

by QMD - Tuesday 11th September 2001 @ 1:13am (

The architecture of this map is totally awesome and as far as I played gothic maps, this one is the most impressive I've seen with church themed. Baldm8 gave me that same sensation of impressive work. I've wished that it has more bright lights cause I've played with the ReaperBots and it was a bit difficult to see the other players clearly, because of all those dark rocks texture all around. I'm getting old or it's the thruth?

Give me a new pair of glasses,
Awesome work Gilt, keep up the good work!

"where imagination means levels"

#16. only one niggling comment ^

by Bilirubin - Tuesday 18th September 2001 @ 10:44am (

you map is stored on your home computer Gilt. TURN IT ON SO I CAN GET IT ;)

Any chance you could mirror this map on MPQ?

#17. Sorry about this... ^

by Des - Thursday 20th September 2001 @ 2:11pm (

I was showing Des how to use your site and did this as a test!

#18. Done ^

by Paul - Thursday 20th September 2001 @ 5:14pm (

Bilirubin : Check the download url. Sorry about the delay.

Des : No problem :).

#19. Ta muchly Paul! ^

by Bilirubin - Saturday 22nd September 2001 @ 1:32pm (

*dls map*

#20. wow... ^

by xen|wtf_happened_to_my_cookie - Friday 28th September 2001 @ 5:33pm (

The QMD seal of approval! That sure is a gift to be treasured... I want it! :)

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