The Dogs of Doom

3-6 players | Reviewed by Paul - Thursday 21st February 2002 @ 7:30pm

A medieval style map from Tronyn that seems to be following down a well-trodden path in terms of theme. The lower area is ankle deep in murky water and the upper floors are in a familiar interior castle style. The execution of said theme more than makes up for its familiarity though, but it’s a bit of mix, as is alluded to in the maps readme. Some parts seem plain with large expanses of flat grey stonewall, where as others sections have plenty of detail. One such detail I particularly liked were the raised mounds of dirt and the slightly off camber floors.

But the layout isn’t quite so simple. It seems to entangle around itself and would, at first glance, seem more suited to being part of an SP map, but this hardly surprisingly given it actually was. There are quite a few snag spots littered around the map, some of which could have been dealt with by clipping against them (like the extended archways that jut out past the walls) and other spots which were probably more down to my incompetence at navigating them (such as the double staircase near the raised MH).

Play is evenly mixed between the water and upper levels. After extended play I was sick to death of hearing the splashing sound effects, as people kept moving about in the water. Most items down below are placed on raised sections so it’s kinda obvious what is going to happen. It also makes it a little harder to work out where people are, since you’d usually associate such noises with people just entering or leaving an area. Whether this was intentional, I’m not sure but it does make it a bit more interesting.

There is only one real exit route out of the watery section, which is a bit of hindrance. The inclusion of a teleporter/lift/stairs elsewhere in the lower area would have helped movement flow a little better. It is possible to rjump out in a couple of places, but it wasn’t a method I used often.

I have this nagging problem with it though and that is, it is very fidgety to play. I never really got any flow going and found myself really battling to get anywhere.

3.5 out of 5.0

Download 773Kb - 980 downloads | readme | Tronyn | Author Site

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Stop being so nice to each other and bust some heads!

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He was telling you to say something more useful, that's all. Your post #15 was a bit shit.

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