The Elder Sanctuary

4 - 10 Players players | Reviewed by DaZ - Monday 1st October 2001 @ 7:29pm

You can spot a Tronyn map a mile off, gorgeous curves, wide open spaces, great use of sunlight and original designs. "The Elder Sanctuary" carries this impressive reputation on in style with some very nice large hilly areas surrounding a huge fort or church. There is also a network of underwater tunnels for further connection choices. This would have made one hell of a single player map...

...And thats the problem unfortunately, Tronyn just cant seem to crack the DM nutshell. The wide open spaces dont work well in DM and the sheer volume and size of the map doesn't help it either. Sure you can cram 10 players in and run around a little, but the map just feels like a single player map, feels like it was not built for DM at all.

It has some good points though. Item placement is nice and balanced, good positioning of armours and heavy duty weapons makes the map better, but it still cannot escape its firm single player roots.

2.0 out of 5.0

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#11. Bah Drannerz! ^

by Tronyn - Thursday 25th October 2001 @ 8:05pm (

No, play this map ;)

#12. okay ^

by Drannerz - Friday 26th October 2001 @ 5:34am (

#13. lol... ^

by DaZ - Friday 26th October 2001 @ 6:09am (

Drannerz and tronyn :)

I gave this map a 2 cos I dont get on with Long distance gameplay, it just doesn't work in Quake for me... Hence the 2 score.

My scores hardly ever reflect looks though, normally just the gameplay, looks is an added bonus :)

#14. best big levels ? ^

by randyom - Friday 26th October 2001 @ 6:09am (

i think elmdm11, kikdm6, ab2,
highrise (of course, but this is only my opinion *fg*), oandu, illarena, some fragtwn levels and so on

#17. I agree ^

by Tronyn - Friday 26th October 2001 @ 5:24pm (

that gameplay is more important than looks, a map can look good and play shit and be shit, but I thought the gameplay was better than a 2 and also if the looks affect the score any they should have brought up the score a bit.

This is easily the biggest DM map I've made and playswell with teams of 3 or 4.. but my next set of dms (except for the crocodile tears sequel, heh, which kind of sucks and I may not release) will be faster and tighter, and much better for FFAs with only 3 or 4 players.

#18. well well. ^

by Rotpig - Saturday 27th October 2001 @ 1:43am (

I canna even play this dang thing! yes, quake crashes windows into the blue screen of death every time i try to run it!

I'll just have to build a mental picture of this one. You know what they say about books, "the pictures are better"

#19. Hmm.. ^

by Tronyn - Saturday 27th October 2001 @ 6:01am (

Well are you running WinQuake or DosQuake?
Other than that...I wish I knew..

#20. Actually ^

by Rotpig - Saturday 27th October 2001 @ 8:04am (

I always run GlQuake. I was able to play "Purity" but the others, House, Dogs and Elder Sanctuary have all failed to run on my system.

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