Cobalt Cathexis

1 vs 1 players | Reviewed by DaZ - Monday 23rd July 2001 @ 1:38pm

its good to see authors using different styles and textures in their maps, and I believe that this is the first IKblue textured DM map ever. Of course I could be wrong, but this map looks very original and er... blue. The curved designs and good lighting make the map stand out and lots of detail has gone into the little things that some mappers miss.

As 1 vs 1 maps go this is quite large but still plays great against 1 opponent. The layout is very tight with lots of sharp corners and opportunities for 3d combat. Item placement is good and makes the map flow nicely.

There are a few teething problems though. Clippng around some of the doors and archways is not what it could be which can cause you to get stuck and the maps large size can also work against it sometimes as players don't meet for ages on some occasions...

All in all a nice 1 vs 1 map which is larger than most, in fact you may get away with a 3 player FFA although I didn't try it, worth a look if you like dueling...

3.0 out of 5.0

Download 248Kb - 564 downloads | readme | Jimbo | Author Site

#1. I used 5 players... ^

by XeNoN - Monday 23rd July 2001 @ 2:22pm (

It played great like that :)

#2. ToadWarrior couldn't be arsed with a title ^

by ToadWarrior - Monday 23rd July 2001 @ 10:12pm (

For the love of God, never use Geocities links. >:(

You gotta right click and choose save as to download it and that may lead to fewer people playing your map.

Anyway, looks nice and I'm downloading it now. =)

#3. Mirror ^

by Jimbo - Tuesday 24th July 2001 @ 2:24pm (
if the geocities link don't work try at this url:


#4. Speedy` ate the title ^

by Speedy` - Sunday 29th July 2001 @ 5:27pm (

good map, worth a 4

#5. this map rules ^

by OmegaOdin - Sunday 12th August 2001 @ 1:05am (

this is my favourite map at the moment:)

#6. Fun Map ! ^

by Ashley Lauren - Sunday 19th August 2001 @ 1:55pm (

Thanks for fixing the texture bug for all of us GLQuake users. I've put it in the map rotation list for all to enjoy ! For those that like to play this map check out Ashley Lauren's Place

#7. Got the update. ^

by Ashley Lauren - Tuesday 21st August 2001 @ 8:19pm (

I downloaded the latest update tonight. It's now on my server. Thanks for fixing that anoying little "flash" in the torch room.
I agree with Speedy, this map should've gotten a four.

Anyone wanting to play or download this map, come on by


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