The Wasp Factory

2 - 8 Players players | Reviewed by DaZ - Saturday 21st July 2001 @ 8:04pm

A new map, and a new texture set! Kell has gone all out on "The wasp factory" and created a atmospheric industrial outpost which has been infected with some alien life forms you may find familair... The visuals are gorgeous and original, although the map is not too detailed architecture wise, the textures give it an added boost and flesh it out a little. Only lovely feature is that item positions are marked on the walls so you know where to find things...

4+ player DM is absolutely great fun. The map is superb;y connected and item placement is spot on. The red armour room is particulary nasty as there is always someone in the water trying to grab the armour. Grenades rain down from above from the two located on the top level, and for all you crazy rocket jumpers there are two yellow armours at the top as well if you can get to them.

All in all this map is great fun, it looks great and it plays great, my only critisism is that the lighting is too bland with no real definition of shadows, its all too bright.

4.0 out of 5.0

Download 885Kb - 621 downloads | readme | Kell | Author Site

#1. Hmm ^

by Apollo - Sunday 22nd July 2001 @ 3:18am (

I've been meaning to read the Ian M Banks book of the same name:)
"Excession" roxors

#2. Nice! ^

by MisYu - Sunday 22nd July 2001 @ 8:12am (

Very nice feeling, texturing and architecture, I want to see such a map for SP Quake!

Good j0b, Kell!

#3. Cool ^

by Asaki - Sunday 22nd July 2001 @ 9:33pm (

Those textures are awesome =D

#4. Actually ^

by LTH - Saturday 28th July 2001 @ 5:45pm (

Excession is toss compared to the others in the series - see Use Of Weapons for details.

Um yeah, nice map or something.

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