Dead Simple Nostalgie

2 to 4 players | Reviewed by Fat Controller - Sunday 24th February 2002 @ 5:46am

A map based on the Doom II level "Dead Simple", rather like one of my own. In the center of the map is a selection of medium-strength weaponry and a red jacket; up top are the Thunderbolt, rocket launcher, megahealth and Quad; and lesser items around the edges of the bottom floor. Textures appear to be a stylish mix of Headshot and Quake II.

The central arena is partitioned off from the surrounding ring by sets of columns and screens; despite this the map does have high r_speeds, but that's mainly due to the open layout. Lifts and teleports whisk you in the third dimension.

The gameplay is, naturally, fierce, since everyone inevitably ends up in the middle. The general idea seems to be to get upstairs to the big bangers, then down and off to the side ASAP, but since everyone else is doing that too, the action doesn't settle down.

3.5 out of 5.0

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#1. argh! ^

by Electro - Wednesday 27th February 2002 @ 6:42pm (

maps like this frustrate me.... the author could have done just a few small things to tweak it enough to get a 4 rating or above.... bah!

#2. this looks quite sweet... ^

by Drannerz - Sunday 3rd March 2002 @ 9:50am (

...I'll play it.

No, wait. My computer is on fire.

#3. yeh, so is mine... ^

by Nekroe - Monday 4th March 2002 @ 12:52pm (

must be a virus going round or something

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