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1-on-1 players | Reviewed by DaZ - Sunday 23rd September 2001 @ 3:13am

A rather dull duelling arena awaits you here, a large main area with 2 side corridors containing weapons and ammo. The map could have done without these as they are not needed, Megahealth, Red armour and rocket launcher ( + ammo ) can all be located in the central room as well as a lightning gun and pentagram.

This could have been a fun map if the item placement wasn't so off. its feels very random and destroys any chance of this map being tactical in any way.

With a little more spit and shine and overhauled item placement this could prove to be a good little duel map. But as it stands give it a miss...

2.5 out of 5.0

Download 121Kb - 758 downloads | no readme | TheToadWarrior | Author Site

#1. w00t! ^

by ToadWarrior - Sunday 23rd September 2001 @ 9:24pm (

My first map scored better than I thought it would. Seems you did miss the Quad and invisiblity though. :)

My next one will definitely be better and if possible, could you change the url in the author's site link to ? I'm not on control of that domain because I choose not to buy from :)

#2. Done ^

by Paul - Monday 24th September 2001 @ 5:37am (

I've updated the URL for you.

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