The slaughter house

1 -on- 1 players | Reviewed by DaZ - Sunday 24th February 2002 @ 2:01am

Another classic parboil map where gameplay comes before looks, unfortunately this time around gameplay isn't too hot. The map consists of a double layered main atrium with pretty much ALL the items in it. Quad, red armour, megahealth, grenade launcher, rocket launcher etc while the connecting passages running around the sides hold various armours and the lightning gun.

As a 1-on-1 map the layout shows promise, but the awful item placement lets the map down big style, I didn't once leave the main atrium and just used the handy central teleport to get to the top level, maybe if the map had a 3rd level so that the items could be slit apart a little this map would have worked a treat, but as it stands its one hectic fight this sheer firepower conquering your foe rather than controling the map and using the layout to your advantage.

2.0 out of 5.0

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#1. this reminds me of... ^

by Drannerz - Tuesday 12th March 2002 @ 5:46am (

...Atmosphere by Cameron (see RQ for review)

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