1-on-1, 3 FFA players | Reviewed by Paul - Monday 11th June 2001 @ 6:11pm

A spacious first map from XeNoN inspired by Auhsan's The Forgotten. The level of detail isn't as high as Auhsan's visually impressive map and can be described as basic but the detailed texture set compensates nicely and gives otherwise bland areas a lift. The main layout is L shaped, with a lower section fitting inside the L which has a thin layer of water in that gives some nice clues to player position.

XeNoN has obviously used the kiss (keep it simple stupid) principle here because the map is small in size and layout isn't too complex but really does work. To use one of my old clich├ęs it's a real blast and very fast paced whatever player load you go for.

A Quad with a GL and a nice wad of rockets awaits you at the top of very forceful wind tunnel that incidentally makes a very nice spot to camp out (sssh I didn't say that). I managed to rack up an inspired 18 quad induced frags whilst duelling, which annoyed my opponent no end (ha!). I found the player spawn positioning annoying since they are all in mid air and is a bit disorientating to start with.

3.5 out of 5.0

Download 221Kb - 783 downloads | readme | XeNoN, aka Rich Thorne | Author Site

#11. title? ^

by Asriel- - Thursday 5th July 2001 @ 1:23am (

Is that a song about christiantiy dyin, or a christian band doing the 'death' genre?

#12. title ^

by kaiser - Saturday 7th July 2001 @ 4:31pm (

Christian Death is an 80's goth band. I doubt they were Christians....

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