Balls to the Wall

1-on-1, 3 FFA players | Reviewed by Paul - Monday 11th June 2001 @ 3:08pm

That lovable Jelly Stone Park critter Yogi has decided to turn his hand to a Quake map. IKBase styling is mixed with a very compact layout and sizable chunk of detail to give a lot of nice eye candy. Now I've said it in the past that I'm not big fan of IKBase but that mainly due to overuse and that I was sick of seeing maps based on this excellent texture set (although I still prefer the dark set used by Peej in his Strafin maps). It's been a while though, so it makes a pleasant change (and yes, I am a twofaced bastard), and it also helps that Yogi's interpretation is one of the best.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this map. 1-on-1 was suitably tense and nervy. Lots of cat and mouse chases ensued, and the odd moment of sheer panic and fear as your health drops to danger levels as your opponent runs after you.

The Quad is hidden behind a switch-activated door that slides open in two pieces. The Quad added a little bit of spice to the proceedings by causing the odd chaotic moment as pineapples dropped down from above.

Clipping could have been improved in a couple of areas. I'm not sure whether it was my incompetence but I found it difficult to hit the switch on the maps only lift that shoots up from the ground floor to the levels topmost floor. Also one of player starts seems to point towards a wall, a nice looking wall, but it kinda stops that running start.

4.5 out of 5.0

Download 457Kb - 1017 downloads | readme | Yogi | Author Site

#1. Ooooooooooh ^

by DaZ - Monday 11th June 2001 @ 5:43pm (

Looks Great Yogi, plays nice too but in the end it is a little bit of a mish mash of corridors with no main "bundle area" to fight in.

Cant wait to see more Q1 stuff from you though, keep it up :)

#2. L33T mish mashes 0wn j00! ^

by Drannerz - Tuesday 12th June 2001 @ 5:16am (

ain't nuffin' wrong with mish mashes.

Personally, I like the layout. The use of a number of smaller areas, as opposed to one huge atrium that dominates the level, allows more even gameplay that is spread throughout the map.

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