Vote Quimby

2-6 players | Reviewed by Fat Controller - Sunday 8th July 2001 @ 1:46pm

This map plays better than it looks. It's a fairly plain three-room affair done in brown metal and brick, with a vague industrial feel except for the medieval red armour area. Megahealth and Ring powerups are on the far side of a lava pool which makes for some tense moments if you go for them.

The weapon load steers towards explosives with at least three rocket launchers dominating the map (the other weaponry hardly gets a look in!) With four people the pace is reasonably entertaining, but I have a few niggles about the placement of some items and the place feels a bit bare.

2.0 out of 5.0

Download 220Kb - 495 downloads | no readme | Blofeld | Author Site

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