agent orange

2 to 8 players | Reviewed by DaZ - Wednesday 2nd May 2001 @ 4:02pm

Malevola, we are not worthy! Start your downloads now people why I explain this great map in more detail...

The build style is inspired ( or ripped off from ) by CZG's awesome Q1 Single Player mini-episode - "Insomnia", and Malevola has done justice to CZG's designs in this map. it looks totally gorgeous with rounded curves all over the place, detailed walls and trim and great lighting to go with it. The map is also huge and features multiple atriums for your gibbing pleasure.

The maps layout is great with the spiraling and curving corridors meeting up in atriums which descend into murky blue water. item placement is also very good and lends a great balance to the map as a whole. People who like there powerups will also get on fine as there are 2 invisabilities, a quad and pentagram! Luckily all of them are very hard to get and require a lot of searching and skillful rocket + grenade jumps in some situations...

gameplay on the whole is great fun, as long as you have enough players to fill the map, 2 players is a joke as you will need at least 4 to get a good game brewing. 8 players is ideal as you still have room to move but the gameplay is still hot and fast.

of course no map is ever perfect, one large flaw with this map is the r_speeds in some places, easily crawling over the 1000 mark. Which means that on slow computers it will be jerk-o-vision and you do get the odd bit of greyflash in software mode... One other thing is that in one room the super shotgun and the lightnign gun are placed pretty much side by side.

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4.0 out of 5.0

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#1. DaZ... ^

by R.P.G. - Wednesday 2nd May 2001 @ 3:54pm (

DaZ, you forgot to mention the texture misalignments. ;)

/me hides from Malevola

#2. wh00p! ^

by CardO - Wednesday 2nd May 2001 @ 4:33pm (

Great work on this map Mal, i knew u could do it =) /me bows

#3. R.P.G. ^

by mal - Wednesday 2nd May 2001 @ 7:54pm (


#4. thsi map ^

by [sAn]!~!juggl3r!~! - Thursday 3rd May 2001 @ 9:45am (

i dont thnik this map is vry good. i have playde mauch better map from CDROM.COM. i thikn this map gets a 2.5 like shake. shake is habving better game playing and weapns.

#5. /me runs post 4 through a spellchecker... ^

by DaZ - Thursday 3rd May 2001 @ 2:12pm (

...And I still dont understand it...

#6. eh? ^

by Drannerz - Thursday 3rd May 2001 @ 2:33pm (

Post four has to be a joke. Right? please say it's a joke...please dear God say it's a joke. Surely no one can really be that much of a gimp.

Firstly there's what he said: "i thikn this map gets a 2.5"
What? Two point five...are you fucking mad, or did you just sell your brain so you could take your mum to the vet?

Secondaly there's the way he said it. Scanning it through my moron-o-meter(tm) it roughly translates to: "kill me now, life's not worth living when you're me."

I see MPQ still hasn't set up Cock-Protector Pro v1.4

#7. Drannerz... ;) ^

by XeNoN - Thursday 3rd May 2001 @ 4:00pm (

Yeah, good one... like HELL that's genuine :)

#8. nice ^

by Asriel - Friday 4th May 2001 @ 4:06am (

good stuff mal

#9. btw... ^

by Drannerz - Friday 4th May 2001 @ 3:45pm (

...I like this map, lots.

#10. OK wheres the quad? ^

by XeNoN - Friday 4th May 2001 @ 4:59pm (

lost it

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