Under the Influence

3 - 8 players | Reviewed by Paul - Monday 14th May 2001 @ 3:01pm

Dark and moody is an apt description for this maps setting, which should be obvious given the use of the Jackboot and Ogro2 texture sets. There isd plenty of cool looking architecture from the sunken walkways to the half circle curved light fittings.

It seems like a map of two parts with a cool looking outdoor stadium type area that gives plenty of room for movement, and then an area which I'd term as the rear end which is cramped and a bit of a bitch to navigate.

These two outdoor areas encase a 3-floored atrium that basically contains the Quad and other not so juicy items. This atrium is a bit disjoined in terms of layout with a bit of hopping about required.

1-on-1 was a rather lacklustre affair what with the map being a cinch to dominate. FFA was more appealing but with a low number of players it suffers from a borderline amount of ammo that made it difficult to make concerted long attacks. Upping that to 6 made it far more enjoyable.

4.0 out of 5.0

Download 411Kb - 824 downloads | readme | DaZ | Author Site

#1. I believe... ^

by LTH - Tuesday 15th May 2001 @ 4:22am (

... 0wn3d is the word.

#2. dude...sweet ^

by Drannerz - Thursday 17th May 2001 @ 3:55am (

Nice work DaZ...

We all knew you could pull a phat one.

#3. yummy ^

by MisYu - Thursday 17th May 2001 @ 9:49am (

I told that DaZ before, but I can repeat it: rocks 0wn r0x0r ru1z in this map, it's one of the best organic made ever!

#4. wh00p! ^

by CardO - Thursday 17th May 2001 @ 1:53pm (

This is some good shit DaZ... but of course it was only due to my expert beta testing that made it the map it is.. la la la..

j/k great work m8 =)

#5. hello... ^

by Drannerz - Thursday 17th May 2001 @ 2:47pm (

has anyone found the button?

#6. What button? ^

by Fat Controller - Friday 18th May 2001 @ 5:20am (

I dunno about DM, but this map's sweet in DMSP.

#7. Hehe ^

by DaZ - Friday 18th May 2001 @ 2:55pm (

There is an "efdm" style button hidden in the map somewhere. *prizes to who-ever finds it first :)

* - this is a blatent lie

#8. Me, me, me!!!! ^

by Drannerz - Saturday 26th May 2001 @ 10:50am (

It's on the roof by the formally b0rked brush.

What do I win?

#9. . ^

by StarBUCK - Sunday 27th May 2001 @ 3:01pm (


#10. Dranz ^

by DaZ - Wednesday 13th February 2002 @ 7:30pm (

You dont win anything, it was a blatent lie u fr3@k! :)

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