1-on-1 players | Reviewed by DaZ - Friday 20th April 2001 @ 1:13am

Carrying on from the bad looking but well playing map Debunk, ParboiL brings us Condemn. Like his last reviewed map it doesn't looks particulary good with overbright lighting and boxy surroundings, but is a definate inprovement over Debunk. Some nice details tho were zig-zag pattern cut out of some of the walls.

The map plays nicely as 1-on-1 map and is very strategic, I found myself coming into the main area on my way to get the megahealth and red armour when my opponent would gib me from above... I also played a few small FFA games with four players, this was very fun and very hectic.

Overall a nice playing map but ParboiL still needs to concentrate more on the actual map design and detailing, he seems to have got the gameplay down very well...

3.0 out of 5.0

Download 253Kb - 711 downloads | readme | ParboiL | Author Site

#1. 2nd screenie. ^

by mal - Saturday 21st April 2001 @ 2:22pm (

That looks like it was influenced by gonzo's warfare2 ( think it was 2 )

hope it plays as well. btw, where the hell is warfare4 anyway? :)


by ParboiL - Wednesday 25th April 2001 @ 7:41am (

You can download this map from my site on in download section.

#3. Or... ^

by ProdigyXL - Wednesday 2nd May 2001 @ 8:13pm (

You can download it from the link above. :)

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