2 to 4 players | Reviewed by Fat Controller - Monday 12th March 2001 @ 3:29am

OK, so we have something that reminds me of DM1, but not as decrepit nor as well supplied with eye candy. Consists of a two-level dungeon with a few arched columns and recesses, some floors have recessed metal plates in them too. Lighting, while varied, isn't sourced properly which detracts quite a bit.

The problem is that the map is basically monochromatic: the roof and walls are all done in the same brownish block texture and the floor is a very similar tex as well. This makes the map look fairly plain, except for one hall that has a thin trough of lava in the floor and a plinth with the megahealth on it in an intersection.

The weapons load consists of one of everything, with the Thunderbolt some distance away above the yellow armour in what I can only describe as a "chill zone" outside the main fighting area.

There is a Quad up above the red armour; you get this by shooting a hidden button and riding a lift up into the teleporter in the ceiling. As it's in the main fighting area it's an interesting ride.

But in the end what we have here is basically a bland killing zone with little staying power. If MutantBunny had spent a bit more time adding a few details (eg. light sources) to offset the endless expanses of brick, it could have been better.

2.0 out of 5.0

Download 109Kb - 725 downloads | no readme | Björn [MutantBunny ] Sjöström | Author Site

#11. rediff ^

by Dithyramb - Saturday 24th March 2001 @ 11:52am (

Yes, Rediff does indeed suck.

#12. I see it clear... ^

by Nepra - Sunday 1st April 2001 @ 9:44am (

I can see direct that its the old BLOOD map that we have here.. hehe...
its a nice copy of it.... its named humm... CLICK in blood1


#13. ? ^

by MutantBunny - Sunday 1st April 2001 @ 6:30pm (

copy? what? what map?
I seriously don't know what your talking about. If this looks like any other map it's entirely a coincidence

#14. whaaaaaaaaaaattttttt ^

by bramabull - Sunday 29th April 2001 @ 1:38am (

do you smeell what the bull is cooking

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