2 to 4 players | Reviewed by DaZ - Thursday 12th April 2001 @ 2:00am

I was quite surprised with this map, not exactly the prettiest arena ever but its quite a lot of fun to play...

As you can see from the screenshots the map looks bad, real bad. The map has had clear influence from ID's dm6 but the rooms are basicly boxes with trim around them and holes cut out for doors. Lighting is nearly non existant and most of the time looks un-sourced and plain ugly, the only good thing I could say about the build work is that it keeps the r_speeds right down so old computers wont chug along with this map...

Then I added some bots, and the map changed from a terrible nightmare of a boxy map to a pretty fun and very playable arena. Clearly ParboiL has put a lot more thought into the play mechanics rather than the looks and it shows. For instance the main atrium is huge and long range four-way rocket fights are common and insanely fun to compete in, the surrounding rooms and corridors aren't used to much but are forayed into for weapons and ammo.

gameplay does have its downsides tho. because the maps areas are quite large it does take some time to get around even with the aid of teleporters. Most corridors are very long and repetetive so you can get lost and confused upon re-spawning. Also there are three powerups on the map, one of each variety, and they are all in the main atrium (but at differnt locations, and one in a secret area).

Overall the map wont drop any jaws in the looks department but plays great as a four or five player FFA. 1on1 isn't too bad either...

3.0 out of 5.0

Download 176Kb - 955 downloads | readme | ParboiL | Author Site

#1. Hey ^

by Abyss - Thursday 12th April 2001 @ 3:12am (

Can't download it, "Page cannot be found", any other D/L locations?

#2. Ahh..!! ^

by Abyss - Thursday 12th April 2001 @ 3:34am (

Never mind, I got it!

#3. errr... ^

by XeNoN - Sunday 15th April 2001 @ 7:07pm (

i cant get it either, can someone mirror it please?

#4. Speedy is afraid of typing too much ^

by Speedy - Monday 16th April 2001 @ 12:11am (

Ìà! ïàðáîèë-òî ñâîé ÷óâàê ! Ìàéëðó ! =)

#5. Temporary solution ^

by DaZ - Monday 16th April 2001 @ 4:17pm (

If you are having download problems from the direct link then try going to the Authors site and downloading the map / maps from there... I will try getting a mirror set up asap

#6. Map is now on MPQ ^

by Paul - Monday 16th April 2001 @ 4:29pm (


#7. Tiss ! ^

by Arne Wad - Tuesday 17th April 2001 @ 6:31am (

Tiss !

#8. How to get parboil's maps. ^

by ParboiL - Wednesday 25th April 2001 @ 7:39am (

You can download this map from my site on in download section.

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