Fra due e cinqu players | Reviewed by Escher - Saturday 6th November 1999 @ 12:27pm

Oh guys, I can hardly find the words for describing this unbelievable piece by Preacher, mostly because i can't seem to be able to reach my italian-english dictionary without having to get up my lazy ass up from the chair. "Freehold" is definitely one of those maps which makes you scream "Why the hell did he do that?"; it's the kind of map you won't easily forget, i bet. It's easy to recognize the hand of the master in this breathtaking level which features those cool aero-tricks which got us loving his other map Aerowalk (one of the funniest map to take a look at IMHO). After looking at these 4 very well captured screenshots (shot 2 is a bit knacked coz I screwed up when I was taking the film out of the camera! - Paul) showing just a little section of the main areas (i'm afraid, i would have liked to let you see more of the map but Paul refused to change the FOV), well, you could think that's not a good Quake one-on-one map........and i would agree.

Indeed this is not even a Quake FFA level. Preacher managed to work out the first (be ready for da big surprise) Q2-ish Quake le!vel! Yep, that's not one of my famous typos, i really mean that. This is the first Quake map where you can easily dodge rockets even when your connection is lagging so badly that you could get up, eat a pizza, come back home and still wait for the next frame to come (BTW, that would also be a good chance to have an excellent italian coffee too). You'll certainly find yourself using the boomstick as your weapon of choice for long distance shots. Unfortunately there are just few boxes of shells around so i heartly suggest you to power-up your trusty joystick in a deadly combo: the quadded boomstick!

Preacher tried to push the quake engine to its limit....and he was succesful! I've seen lower r_speeds even on an unVised map. That was intentional of course, indeed he included tons of cool architectures preventing you from having that smooth and fast paced gameplay ala dm4 which has now been overtaken by our beloved chess-like Q2 gameplay.

Do you need to know more about it? I guess you would but i don't wanna spoil ya the fun of finding out all of those fancy secrets which make this DM map unique in its genre.......indeed i found it lovely to play in SP too!

So what are you waiting for? Go sign your copy! Yep, this level comes in a limited number so you'll have to mailbomb Preacher if you wanna get your grubby little hands on it.

NOTE : About this Quake review. Just to clear things up. 1. The map is real and it is Preacher's first map.
2. The review is intended as a joke! Just read it and look at the daft screen shots.
3. You can't get it anywhere. Its not downloadable at all!!! The download link is to a text file Mr Shambler wrote.


0.0 out of 5.0

Download 666Kb - 825 downloads | no readme | Preacher | no author site

#1. bleh... >:-( ^

by XeNoN - Wednesday 28th March 2001 @ 5:01pm (

I at least expected a funny textfile. Damn you Shambler!

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