2 to 12 players | Reviewed by DaZ - Tuesday 6th March 2001 @ 2:11pm

Jeff McWhorter returns with the latest in his Quake 3 to Quake 1 conversions. This time he seems to have got the hang of lighting and some of the shadows cast by the skylight are very impressive.

Brush work is good also with nearly all the features of the original Quake 3 map present and intact. obviously the map looks no-where near as good as its Quake 3 counterpart but jeff has tried to achive the same kind of overall look with use of TGA high res textures that will only work with TomazQuake, also Jeff has tried to achive the same rounded feel of the arches and windows but they still look very angular and a few more polys in there wouldn't have hurt.

gameplay wise unfortunately is where the map falls down. The areas are just too large for a Quake DM, yes they work fine in Quake 3 but that is a completely different game! if the main area and most of the surrounding rooms and corridors had been made smaller then it would have played much better. Item placement is also pretty much identical to the Quake 3 version (ie. bad) with the red armour, mega health and rocket launcher all a few hops and skips away, the item that makes the map fun is the Quad damage that appears in the center of the map.

if you've seen jeff's other Q3 --> Q1 conversions and liked them then by all means get this as it is the best one yet. But unfortunately the map is just too expansive to be a really good Deathmatch arena...

2.0 out of 5.0

Download 2552Kb - 572 downloads | readme | Jeff McWhorter | Author Site

#11. FUCKING HELL v2.0 Pro... ^

by Drannerz - Saturday 10th March 2001 @ 2:51pm (

I just realised I've been b0rking Plutonium's name. you can take me up on that offer of spanking my bottom if you like.

-Drennarz :[

#12. 2Plutonium ^

by Speedy - Sunday 11th March 2001 @ 1:50am (

Really, make a map from scratch man !
And this one is not that bad with gameplay btw. no bots (at least 4 bots is kinda boring) but it should be cool with human (cant play more than 1-1 tho) . And it needs railgun badly ;)

On textures: DONT ! use TGAs. Use independent palleted 8 pcx bit instead - they are small and handy.

#13. Speedy chickened out of the title writing conte ^

by Speedy - Sunday 11th March 2001 @ 1:52am (

8 bit pcx thats it

#14. A map I Made ^

by Plutonium - Sunday 11th March 2001 @ 12:44pm (

THere is a map I submitted thats on your waiting list right now. Its not that good though. I cant seem to get the connectivity and layout issues together into my maps. I guess my creativity is lacking.

#15. Ignore Speedy ^

by XeNoN - Friday 23rd March 2001 @ 6:22pm (

"On textures: DONT ! use TGAs. Use independent palleted 8 pcx bit instead - they are small and handy."

DO!, only make a separate file for the pcx ones, like was said at the beginning

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