4 to 16 players | Reviewed by DaZ - Friday 2nd March 2001 @ 6:18am

Why *OH WHY* does this happen? Don't some people have *eyes*? As you may have geussed already, Abcool blows *BIG TIME*. We all remember our first Quake map, that lovely box map using only one texture, a light with 8000000 brightness and 50 weapons all lined up in the center of the map. Well Austin must have really liked his first map cos *here it is*! For us all to play and enjoy!

The build style is.. Errr well, ID textures used to create some very *Un*-lavished rooms (if your lucky you might find an aligned texture, but I doubt it)usually consisting of 6 brushes (4 walls, a roof and the floor). Lighting makes the map completely Un-playable as it is either full*dark* or completely the opposite, burning your eyes out of your sockets with a 50,000 brightness strobe light...

The layout is non existent, as the map at its base level is just a load of boxes connected up by holes (complete with doors that make no sound when activated), oh wait, hang on, the map at its base level is exactly the same as the map looked at in game... Hmmmmm. yes connection wise your looking at a roundhouse trip in order to get from one side of the map to the other as no handy shortcuts are provided.

Ok, this map stinks. It is an example of a map at the lowest end of the low. Whatever you do just *dont* download it! (also nice of the author was to put the map into a instal exe not a zip file, making the zip file over 600k...) But I dont want to leave this review on a wicked note. Some pointers for the author... Get the top ten MPQ maps! You can learn a heck of a lot from those about looks / layout / gameplay ect... That goes for all you people who have a map but are unsure about releasing it, also an in-valuable thing to do is beta test, give the map to a load of people you have never met and see what they say... Austin did none of this and unfortunately his first map turned out to be complete arse, *it can be avoided*!!

Oh and this map is not VIS'ed either :(

Another thing, as MPQ is between choosing an icon for the lowly 0/5 mark, this will have to do = 0/5

Note from Paul : We now have a graphic for 0.0/5.

0.0 out of 5.0

Download 644Kb - 1287 downloads | no readme | Austin | Author Site

#1. First post. ^

by Shambler - Friday 2nd March 2001 @ 2:53pm (

0wnx0red again.

#2. bah ^

by Paul - Friday 2nd March 2001 @ 2:56pm (

/me slaps Shambler

#3. #1, * P R E F L A M ' D * ^

by Shambler - Friday 2nd March 2001 @ 2:57pm (

I said it all at PQ already.

#4. pants ^

by Drannerz - Friday 2nd March 2001 @ 2:59pm (

yeah, this map blows


by Asriel - Friday 2nd March 2001 @ 3:24pm (


#6. if after this map you want more... ^

by Aardappel - Friday 2nd March 2001 @ 3:58pm (

this page will help you satisfy your SM map needs:

#7. 0/5 ^

by Fern - Friday 2nd March 2001 @ 4:30pm (

maybe you could put a big "0" on his helmet

I thought of starting a contest where I offer a large amount of money and a chest full of CDs for anyone who finds a single aligned texture on any of the crates in this map...

...but then I'd feel like a crook because this is impossible

#8. Ooops..... sorry my map bummed ^

by Austin_Brock - Friday 2nd March 2001 @ 4:42pm (

I quite enjoyed my attempt, althought like you say I think I need to get some practice first and also check out the top 10, I could do with some help though, I don't know how to vis(and my lighting wasn't OTT, it was actually of quite a low amount) could you give me help with how to vis using Worldcraft as its a new thing to me, and also sorry about the .exe file, it was because my friend Marc didn't have a clue what I was going on about when I said it goes in c:quakeid1maps so that was just so he could put it there without any problems and without any hassle. I WILL carry on my mapping as its an enjoyable thing, but I could do with some better textures as, as you say the ID one's aren't great, so any suggestions for any would be nice! :), I will let someone play test it when I make another map, NOT A FRIEND, as they can't be trusted as like you say they will say "Yeah its ace!", I will post a message on a new map when I make a map so that people can tell me what they thought of it. The one good outcome of this is the fact that people who go to winsite will see the fact that quite a few people have downloaded it, LOL! Thanks for your comments.

#9. Oh, I've read the bits in IKA ^

by Austin_Brock - Friday 2nd March 2001 @ 4:52pm (

Yeah, thanks for that Daz, it'll help in the future, but what does vis'ing do actually?

#10. vis and textures ^

by Fern - Friday 2nd March 2001 @ 4:56pm (

It doesn't matter what editor you're using. If you want to VIS your map, you need to seal it off and make sure there aren't any holes to the void. This map has a large hole in it, in one of the long hallways, which is why no editor will be able to VIS it. (VIS isn't even a part of the editor)

Also, I really need to be frank here. If anything was mentioned about the texturing, it's not because the iD textures "aren't great." Just look at RotPig's maps for examples of nice id texture usage. The problems with the textures in this map are that hardly any of them are aligned, they don't adhere to a theme at all, and they aren't used in a way that makes them look realistic. That's something to aim for with any texture set, it can't be blamed on the textures themselves.

wondering what will come next... :)

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